Shangri-La Hotel
Surabaya, Indonesia
July 25 - 26
Conference & Exhibition
July 27
Paiton CFPP Tour
Program at Glance
Program at Glance
  1. ⇒ Network with hundreds of generating company industry professionals in one place
  2. ⇒ Discover best practices to safely and efficiently handle and burn SBC coals
  3. ⇒ Access in-depth industry solutions
  4. ⇒ Experience new technologies impacting the industry
  5. ⇒ Tour PJB’s Paiton coal-fired power plant

The use of Sub-Bituminous Coals continues to increase however many of those who are burning these coals lack the understanding of how these coals will naturally react and proper management procedures often resulting in explosions, fires, boiler and combustion issues, equipment failures, all resulting in impacts to safety, reliability, and business continuity.  

The PRB Coal Users' Group's mission is to promote the safe, efficient, and economical use of Sub-Bituminous coals by the generating plants who are using it or considering its use. The knowledge available through the PRB Coal Users' Group and presented during its conferences is important for the end users to learn to be proactive rather than being reactive after a negative experience.

Working in harmony with its affiliate, the Asian SBC Users' Group, the PRB Coal Users' Group reaches world-wide to promote its mission and implement its objectives. Created to promote the Safe, Efficient and Economic use of sub-bituminous coals by generating companies in Asia, the founding members of the Asian Sub-Bituminous Coal Users' Group consist of the major consumers of sub-bituminous coals in Asia, including CLP, HK Electric, EGCO, KOEN, Taiwan  Power, Tenaga Nasional  Berhad.